Nearly 30% of Americans believe coronavirus was made in a lab, Pew poll shows

Despite evidence from infectious disease experts suggesting otherwise, nearly 30% of Americans in a new Pew poll said they believe the novel coronavirus was likely created in a lab.

A total of 23% of adults polled said they believe the virus was created intentionally. This is almost certainly not true, according to the genetic detectives studying the virus’s origins.

And 43% — a plurality, but not an overwhelming majority — said the virus likely came about naturally. This is most likely the truth, according to virus experts.

There’s still much we don’t know about the coronavirus pandemic, but virus experts agree on one piece of its origin story: The virus likely originated in a bat, not in a Chinese lab.

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that mostly sicken animals. Some, like Covid-19 and SARS before it, “jump the species barrier” and sicken humans, too.

That seems to be what happened with Covid-19. In early February, Chinese researchers published an article in Nature — a top science journal — that concluded the “2019-nCoV is 96% identical at the whole-genome level to a bat coronavirus.”

Source: MSN

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