Coronavirus: What are Germany’s updated lockdown measures?

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday announced the next phase of the country’s plan to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus and its resulting disease, COVID-19. […]

  • Retailers smaller than 800 square meters (8,610 square feet) will be allowed to open […]on April 20.
  • Schools will slowly re-open their doors on May 4,  […]
  • Hair salons can resume business on May 4 […]
  • […]rule that individuals may only meet with one person outside their household remains in place, as well as […] keeping a minimum of 1.5 meters (5 feet) […]
  • Large events[…]will remain banned until August 31.
  • Bars, restaurants, day care centers, theaters, and cinemas will stay closed until further notice. Religious gatherings are also canceled […]
  • Protective masks are “strongly recommended” […] in shops and on public transportation.
  • Strict controls at Germany’s borders will stay in place for at least 20 more days.

Consulting with scientific experts

The press conference followed two days of consultations on the part of the chancellor, who spoke with scientific experts on Tuesday and the leaders of Germany’s 16 states on Wednesday.[…]



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