It’s 5:00 Somewhere

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It’s Friday, and another week has come and gone in this pandemic purgatory we are trying to survive. For the record, this is Friday April 17, our fifth consecutive happy hour together in this space. How many days long is your weekend going to be this week?

Hubby kick-started the morning with a nice brunch and a Zing Zang Bloody Mary. I love to create my own, with olives, or celery, pepperonis or bacon. My favorite recipe is Clamato with Claussen pickle juice and a couple of dill spears — a dash of Worcestershire, hot sauce, celery seed if the mood strikes me. But I’ve also found that Zing Zang mixer is equally delicious, and the bonus here is that the hubs can handle an easy pour all by himself!

Days and nights are melding together for me, lots of interesting dreams, and several tosses of the pillows and blankets. I simply must get back to routine, setting the alarm and getting myself less sleep. An extra hour here and there once seemed like a luxury, but now it muddles my mind (and body) and decreases my productivity. Anyone else?

I’ve been in a mellow musical mood, digging deep through the library……….what sounds good to you today? Quarter for your thoughts…..I’ll buy the first round. Cheers, friends.

Chris Cornell with Howard Stern — nods to surley……

And okay, not so mellow……