GUNZ: Florida Man shoots son after day of drinking, says he had it coming!

Larry Clyatt Sr.

DATELINE: PUNTA GORDA, Fla. – After a tough day of drinking, bonding and talking about the coronavirus with his son, Larry Clyatt Sr. decides it’s a good time to clean his pistol. 

Clyatt Sr. was thinking that thieves might break into his house due to the pandemic.

Larry Clyatt’s son didn’t think that was a good idea because they had been drinking. The two men started wrestling for the gun and it went off, the bullet hitting the younger Clayatt in the hip.

When deputies showed up to arrest Clyatt Sr., he first said it was an accident, and thought the gun wasn’t loaded.

Clyatt’s son was taken to the hospital. He did not want to press charges against his dad.

Now Larry Clyatt Sr. is saying he shot him on purpose and that his son had it coming!

Larry has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Watch and listen to the shocking video as Larry articulates his thoughts about the fateful day.


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