It’s 5:00 Somewhere

Yes, indeed it’s 5:00 somewhere, and by now I’m thinking we would all rather be wherever it is One Happy Hour.

If we could meet up anywhere in the world, where would you pull up your stool? Would you be overlooking a vast, green vineyard? Would you be in a craft brewery listening to either some NHL playoffs or a baseball game? Enjoying some bug juice in your local watering hole? Would you be looking at something with an umbrella in it under a palm tree? I’m not sure what my first choice would be, but about now I’m considering anywhere but where I am would be my first choice.

Let’s just say I’m ready for a road trip. A booze cruise. Even a pub crawl. Somewhere…..

It is, afterall, 5:00 somewhere.

Where do you want to head for some adult beverages and a Coronabreak from our new reality?

Put in your quarter, and play along.