Coronavirus and Germany: Why the world is looking to Angela Merkel

The German chancellor has been declared politically dead many times. But the current pandemic has boosted her reputation and popularity at home and abroad. DW explains why.

“Lame duck” is the usual term given to politicians who don’t want to or can’t run for office again. With their political shelf-life suddenly measurable, such figures are condemned to being considered weakened and less effective.

Political observers have sorted Chancellor Angela Merkel into the lame-duck drawer many times in the last few years: […]

Tributes from across the globe

At the moment, Merkel is having a day in the sun of the kind she has not had for many years — both nationally and, even more so, internationally. […]

The commentator even went on to coin a word in Spanish, “Merkelina,” to describe the “sobriety and determination” of her political leadership “by trying to solve problems and not trying to derive political benefit from those problems.”

‘Uncharacteristic sentimentality’


Anyone who has read current issues of The Atlantic, Forbes and The New York Times will find praise for Merkel wrapped up with criticism of Trump. “For weeks now, Germany’s leader has deployed her characteristic rationality, coupled with an uncharacteristic sentimentality,[…] The Atlantic wrote.

Praise from right and left

Merkel without a mask

Who’s next?


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