Talk o Tuesday 4-28-20

So, The Big Tomato or City of Trees has triggered my allergies. If you think things are bad with thinking everyone around you has symptoms of COVID-19 or no symptoms but carries it, try going somewhere and start sneezing, coughing, blowing your nose, and mopping up your face because everything is in bloom and…well allergies. I know, grrrrrrosssss. But, watch people run; as in move the fastest they’ve moved in their lives away from you.

NO! Don’t waste toilet paper!

I always look for something positive to result from any negative situation and I found one. My consecutive sneezes, the forever reaching into my purse to mop up my sneezes or blow my nose have everyone moving so far away from me and that’s a good thing. I didn’t want them near me in the first place. But, I’m miserable AF!

“Don’t touch your face!!!!” Sure…my freaking eyes itch and are running and I want to wipe them but, I can’t because….“Don’t touch your face!!!”

Oh, and I broke my toe. Damn ass bottle of pomegranate molasses came flying off a pantry shelf and landed on my baby toe; I literally saw stars. Little Piggy is now the color of pomegranate molasses….Yeah, I iced it. Meh. Not much you can do for a broken toe. Oh, well.

My mom keeps sending me links on how to tape your toe to the other toe or some shit she keeps telling me to do. I think she’s more concerned than I am about it.

Husband keeps telling me he will take me to urgent care but will wait in the car because, ‘I don’t want any COVID-19 shit. You go in.’ He’s joking, maybe, but….Love the ones your with…you have to. They’re all you got for better or worse.

So, feel free to talk about pretty much anything and enjoy each one’s company; don’t eat your own, please. We’re in this together.

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