Florida Woman Accused of Beating Man With CandyCane!

According to a Pinellas County police report, Christina Zicuis got into a heated discussion with an unnamed man over Christina’s deceased daughter.

The dispute turned violent when Zicuis stabbed the victim in the arm with a pen, breaking skin and causing him to depart the home. Zicuis then allegedly chased the man–who cops identified as her boyfriend of seven years–into the front yard and tossed a brick (which missed Zicuis’s fleeing target). 

Zicuis then “threw a candy cane at the victim’s left arm, causing bruising and swelling to his elbow,” reported a Clearwater cop who listed “CANDY” as the weapon wielded by Zicuis.

She was arrested for felony battery and aggravated assault. She spent a day in jail, then was released on her own recognizance.

She has previously been convicted for cocaine possession; prostitution; passing a bad check; probation violation; theft; and battery.

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