Talk’o Tuesday 5-5-20

Happy Cinco de Mayo! We’re probably the only country who celebrates the holiday but bottoms up. I hate tequila…love limes but I do not like ‘to kill ya.’

I think I will make some Mahi Mahi tacos with lime rice but that’s the extent of my Cinco celebration. I’m not Mexican; my sons are. They are mostly Italian and Mexican. I can speak and understand the language only because I had four years of Spanish and it’s very similar to Italian but there are differences. I celebrate Cinco de Mayo like I celebrate Columbus Day (way better Italians to honor that that ass); I don’t celebrate either.

So—-What’s up in your world? You’ll find what is up in my world on Throwback Thursday. Alls I’ve got to say is: Fuck you, 2020.

I’ve always said, I find a positive in every negative and although 2020 has sucked bigly, it’s brought my family closer. We’re here for one another and we’re right now going through a lot.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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