Sheriff’s Report: Woman killed by gator attempted to touch animal, told rescuers, “I guess I won’t do this again”

Kiawah Island,SC woman with a glass of wine and expecting visit from boyfriend, overcome by gator fascination

The friend said Cynthia Covert saw an alligator in the pond and was fascinated by it, so she went outside of the porch and took pictures of the animal.

According to deputies, as the friend was cleaning up the porch she noticed Covert down by the water and started screaming “very loudly” for Covert to get back from the water, however Covert ignored her.

The friend yelled at Covert that the alligator grabbed a deer the other day from the spot she stood, and Covert replied,”I don’t look like a deer,” then moved to touch the alligator, a report by the sheriff’s office states.

At that time, the friend said her husband, who is the homeowner, ran down the stairs toward Covert, but the gator had grabbed her by the leg and started to pull her into the water.

A neighbor then got a rope, and the homeowner assisted in throwing the rope towards Covert who got the rope in her hand.

The homeowner reported that as Covert was about waist deep in the water she said in a very calm voice,”I guess I won’t do this again,” as they tried to pull her from the water.

Authorities say as the homeowner and neighbor were pulling the rope, the gator started to roll and Covert lost the grip on the rope and she went under water.


Article submitted by, A Non Ymous.