History is Written by Winners: Barr Defends Flynn Reversal

Update: Barr doesn’t think history will judge him — because he’ll win.

Attorney General William Barr.
 Drew Angerer/Getty Images

When the Justice Department announced it would drop charges against former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, legal experts reacted with a combination of shock and horror

Flynn not only lied to the FBI about his contacts with the Russian government, which is a crime, but admitted that he had lied in open court. At best, dropping his case is highly unusual; at worst, it’s President Trump corruptly protecting a political ally who broke the law on his behalf.

After the decision was announced, CBS News released an interview with Attorney General William Barr on the Flynn case. The clearly incredulous reporter, Catherine Herridge, asks Barr how he thinks history will remember his actions in this case.

“Well, history is written by the winners,” the attorney general responds. ”So it largely depends on who’s writing the history.”

It’s a remarkable answer — perhaps the pithiest expression of the Trump-Barr governing philosophy that we’ve seen yet.

See source for the rest of the story: Vox. Or The Daily Beast