Dallas County Complaint Received Alleging Texas Attorney General Committed Felony Election Fraud

Complaint filed over Ken Paxton’s tactics to limit mail-in voting

Paxton said eligibility for absentee voting has not been expanded. A state judge’s order says otherwise.


Two men have accused Texas AG Ken Paxton of felony election fraud and formally asked the Dallas County DA’s office to investigate a tweet and a letter Paxton sent regarding which Texans are eligible to cast mail-in ballots in upcoming elections.

Kendall Scudder and Woot Lervisit contend that Paxton knowingly misled election officials and the public.  In a May 1 letter, Paxton told local election officials that eligibility for absentee voting has not been expanded and that voters can’t legally ask for absentee ballots because they fear contracting the virus if they vote in person.

Paxton’s claim was at odds with a state court ruling by Judge Tim Sulak, who found last month that voters who lack immunity to the new coronavirus can qualify for mail-in ballots.

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