Free Chat Friday, Week 20

“What we chat about in life echoes in eternity” Maximus, “Gladiator” (sorta 😎😎)

A few weeks ago, ScottInManhattan and dewater introduced us to Sarah Cooper on FCF, and if you’ve been watching the dreaded Trump Hell briefings, she will crack you up— she’s lip syncing and each clip is just a few seconds long…. Just in case we needed a cartoon break. . . EXCEPT, I couldn’t resist putting this one up— it was just too ON. . .

About Katie Miller, Stephen Miller’s wife and Pence’s Non-mask wearing Press Secretary who now has Coronavirus.

Happy Friday, News Viewers…. wait….. it’s Friday, right? I’m watching Wolf Creek, an Aussie Gorefest I’ve been (inexplicably) in the mood for: now, I’ll watch Wrong Turn, another blood bath in the same vein as Wolf Creek. I’m curious about this mood I’m in— I love movies, but I’m not usually grooving on Slasher Flicks to this degree— I like a good story, above all…..

Could it be I’m subconsciously working out my dawning suspicion that the world’s scary elements are more present than I thought they were? Along the road, in the woods, at the hospital? . . .movies, my therapy of choice. And what about you?

What’s getting you all through these disconcerting, thought-provoking, perspective-changing and often serene, even joyful times? Let’s chat, because, my Gawd, what a week. . . 😎😎