Thousands of Covid-19 ‘Heroes’ Are About to Get a Pay Cut

Companies are getting rid of hazard pay for essential workers, even as the dangers of working on the front lines remain.

A worker drives a forklift through a Kroger Co. grocery distribution center in Louisville, Kentucky, on March 20.  Photographer: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg

The hazard pay is disappearing. The hazard is not.

Some essential employees across the U.S. have received bonuses or pay bumps to compensate for the risk that comes with clocking in at supermarkets, hospitals and other crowded workplaces during a pandemic.

 Now companies are walking back those wage increases, even as the threat of Covid-19 lingers. 

This weekend, Kroger Co. is rescinding the $2 raise it gave to store and warehouse workers. Target Corp. and Inc. will follow later this month, with other firms charting similar moves.

The planned cutbacks have rankled unions, employees and customers who are accusing companies of putting profits ahead of worker well-being. They also raise questions about how to value the essential workers who are keeping society functioning. Many continue to put their health and safety on the line in exchange for relatively low wages.

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