Update: Coronavirus in cats and dogs: How does COVID-19 impact pets?

The biggest questions about COVID-19 and companion animals answered.

Socially Distant Dogs

Coronaviruses are not particularly hard to please when it comes to potential hosts — they’ve been detected in many mammal and bird species, including dogs and cats, as well as livestock like cows, chickens and pigs.

There have been several reports providing evidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection in household pets. A 17-year-old dog in Hong Kong repeatedly tested “weakly positive” for coronavirus in March and later died. A cat in Belgium tested positive for the disease on March 24. And two pet cats in New York tested positive in April, presumably after contracting the virus from people in their homes or neighborhood. 

Keep cats inside if possible. . . . .

“These pets were living with infected human owners, and the timing of the positive result demonstrates human-to-animal transfer,” said Jacqui Norris, a veterinary scientist at the University of Sydney in Australia. “Virus culture on these pets was negative, meaning that an active virus was not present.”

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