Christian pastor: If you got a flu shot in the last 10 years, ‘you’ll test positive for coronavirus’!


“People, people have no clue what’s going on,” Right-wing pastor Rodney Howard-Browne said. “And unfortunately, I know what’s going on, and I’m doing my best. I’ve tried my best over these years.”

Rodney’s wife, Pastor Adonica Howard-Browne, chimed in with this gibberish.

“And the reason you’re gonna test positive is because the common cold is a coronavirus, and so the tests are not discerning which coronavirus that it is. And so, if you had the flu shot as according to a doctor that even though in the last ten years if you had that flu shot, then those viruses are gonna show up and they’re gonna just automatically assume that it’s COVID in the same way that they’re just automatically assuming that all these deaths are COVID as well.”


Watch the video:

The pastor recently made news by holding church services despite a stay-at-home order.

Howard-Browne was arrested March 31. Since his arrest he has maintained responsible social distancing in his church. As a result charges have been dropped against him. Read here.

Here’s his church’s site and their beliefs.

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