Talk’o Tuesday: 5-19-20

So, for the first time in months, I went into my office today to pick up a loaner laptop, an extra monitor, and some office supplies. I only work part-time and really have NO desire of EVER going back full-time. But, I found that I had some challenges working remotely from a Mac in a PC world. Later today, I will figure out some sort of office set-up. I only need that extra monitor about once maybe twice a week.

The rest of my work can still get done like it has for several months now: On my lap, sitting in the chaise lounge part of my couch, MSNBC in the background, one dog next to me, the cat on the other side (when she’s not in her ‘princess bed’–a basket with a plush cushion that she loves), and another doggie next to my legs. LIFE IS GRAND—seriously.

When my back starts hurting from sitting, I take my laptop to my dining room table, which stands taller than most (Bistro Table) and I stand to do my work. If I get tired of working in my dining room and the weather is nice, I go sit at my patio table outside and LIFE IS GRAND—seriously.

I love working from home and cannot imagine going into an office five days a week ever again. Finally, the State of CA has wised up and most of us will continue to work from home with maybe a day or two going into the building just to prove we still exist and not some bot that sends out emails or texts to others now and then.

I sure do not miss the traffic nor driving in circles looking for a parking place. I can’t even imagine what the ‘commuters’ deal with since I only live about two miles from my office.

So—still working from home? Has your company or entity decided you all can do our jobs effectively from the comforts of our own homes? Or, when do you return to work or what I call, HELL?

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