Talko Tuesday: 5-26-20

So, it’s hotter than hell and will remain that way for the entire week. Last week, it rained. Today, we’ll reach about 100 degrees by the afternoon.

I’m going to whine and whine loudly. I do not like non-stop air conditioning; it’s uncomfortable. I end up grabbing a long sleeve shirt because I get cold but if I turn it down (I guess…up?) or off, I will die, figuratively speaking. Plus, I don’t want my doggies to get hot, pant, and be uncomfortable.

Who wants to turn on the oven for anything or worse, stand outside and BBQ? Yeah, that sounds enjoyable….NOT! I guess, I’ll figure out something to make in the new toy…INSTAPOT. I’m thinking beans and rice.

Maybe early in the morning I can work some from my patio but that will be short lived since it will heat up rather quickly and my backyard faces east. At least rain is both productive and lucrative; heat just sucks on so many levels.

So, what’s the weather like your corner of the world? What season(s) better suit your life? I have two—fall and spring. I don’t like the cold and I especially do not like the heat. Given the two, I will take cold (by Northern CA’s standards) over sucky, icky, smoggy, gross heat and endless AC, salads, or extensive meal planning that I reheat in the crappy microwave. WHINE!!!! with some wine on the side, please.

Oh, did I mention that because I have not had a haircut since February, my hair is almost down to my butt and it’s thick, dark (with even more silver streaks), and I’m over it?!?! You can’t social-distance with someone hovering over you cutting your hair; that’s impossible. I guess I’ll just do another day of sporting a sloppy, high ponytail. I want to just braid it but yeah, whining. I still lack some fine motor skills so, I don’t think I can. But!!!! I can actually write with a pen again; that’s progress.

First World problems? Nah, we’re now Third World. Heck of a job, Donnie!

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