The man who hung Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear in effigy was fired from his job

Terry Bush, president of the Kentucky 3 Percenters group

Auto dealership Neil Huffman Auto Group has fired Terry Bush, president of the Kentucky 3 Percenters group, Bush’s wife Patsy confirmed the firing. Patsy is the state secretary of the Kentucky 3 Percenters.

Patsy believes her husband is the patsy saying it wasn’t her group’s idea, and that her husband “only helped” in the hanging!

Pasty continued to play the victim card saying:

“Neil Huffman let outside influences cause a man who had never been late, always professional and had been an outstanding employee be fired for no good cause,” she said. “They fired him for exercising his (First Amendment) right to free speech where no laws were broken, no one was terrorized, no one was threatened and Neil Huffman was never mentioned or involved in any way.” 

“When is his iron grip on this state going to end, how many more families is he going to devastate before the people realize how poisonous he really is?” Patsy asked. “I heard him yesterday, he has no intention of lifting his grip on this state, he absolutely loves the fact that he believes he is so big, listen to the way he states things and tell me he isn’t on some warped trip of power.” 

The lovely young couple, Terry and Patsy Bush

Courier Journal

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