Minneapolis burns: Officials have yet to announce any charges against the officers involved in George Floyd’s death

  • Local and federal officials have yet to announce any charges against the officers involved but emphasized at a news conference Thursday evening that they are making the inquiry into Floyd’s death a top priority.
  • The House Judiciary Committee on Thursday called on the Justice Department to investigate whether the death of George Floyd was part of a “pattern or practice of unconstitutional conduct” by the Minneapolis Police Department.
  • The mayor of St. Paul asked people to stay home amid a “rapidly devolving” situation in the capital, as police there said they were trying to disperse groups damaging property and looting.
  • Officers used tear gas on protesters gathered outside a St. Paul Target where police have struggled to maintain order throughout the day and said they have been assaulted.
  • Floyd’s family will seek an independent autopsy of his body because it does not trust Minneapolis city officials, an attorney for the family said Thursday on CNN.
  • Floyd’s death also sparked rallies in other parts of the country Wednesday. In Memphis, a crowd gathered outside a police building and chanted “No justice, no peace.” In Los Angeles, protesters blocked a freeway and confronted a California Highway Patrol vehicle.


UPDATE: A Minneapolis police precinct was on fire Thursday night, on the third night of protests over the police killing of George Floyd.


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