Throwback Thursday: When Life Was Sweet

When I write my own stuff, I write from my heart and my heart is rather large for a woman who stands 5’0 on a good day. Do you remember when life was sweet and you went places unafraid, uninhibited, and you didn’t worry about masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, FREAKING BLEACH!!!, etc? I do. I think the last time I experienced all of that was on New Year’s Eve. We rang in a very shitty year that cannot end soon enough.

So, THE US OF A hit a tragic milestone today. We surpassed over 100,000 deaths because of COVID-19. OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND AMERICANS have lost their lives to this disease in three months…..let that sink in!!!!

I’m not a religious person. I grew up Roman Catholic and have a ton of Greek Orthodox family members but…..I love this song because sometimes, we need to remember When Life was Sweet and Why Wasn’t I More Grateful…. When Life Was Sweet. We took it for all for granted and it’s not here today. We live in such a different world and it is scary and so changed from what we once knew.

So, throwback in your minds and reflect….When Life Was Sweet and talk to me and others about it.

Besides a big heart, I’m an emotional person. I can cry at the drop of a dime. 100K dead country people did that; I cried R.I.P. You should not have died!!! This is not the America my grandparents immigrated to to give me a better life. I have no clue what this place has become but it’s not sweet.

I tried doing something earlier on News Views about this tragic milestone we surpassed but I sent it to the trash because at this point, it’s all freaking trash….and I cried.

When Life Was Sweet—

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