A review of Ilhan Omar’s new book “This Is What America Looks Like”

The Minnesota congresswoman has written a fine memoir of her journey from Somalia to America

Few things are more unexpected than a genuinely inspirational memoir by a freshman member of Congress. If you’re looking for the perfect antidote to the perpetual tweetstorm of insanity and hatred from Donald Trump, try this beautiful new book from the Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

This migrant from Somalia came from a family of teachers and civil servants who lived in a guarded compound. Ilhan had a chauffeur to drive her to school. But all of that disappeared when Somalia was engulfed by civil war.  They fled to Kenya, where they faced malaria, dysentery and near starvation. The family survived in a refugee camp for 334,000 people, bartering kidney beans for kerosene and batteries for a radio.

Her father discovered that they could apply through the United Nations to go to Norway, Canada or Sweden. But the US was his first choice.  “Only in America you ultimately become an American,” he said. “Everywhere else we will always feel like a guest.”

Miraculously, a year after their first interview they were allowed to apply for America.


Article submitted by, Great Gazoo.