How REAL leaders address the murder of George Floyd

“This shouldn’t be ‘normal’ in 2020 America. It can’t be ‘normal.’ If we want our children to grow up in a nation that lives up to its highest ideals, we can and must be better,” the former president said.

“It will fall mainly on the officials of Minnesota to ensure that the circumstances surrounding George Floyd’s death are investigated thoroughly and that justice is ultimately done,” Obama added. But he also urged everyone, including members of law enforcement, to work toward a “‘new normal’ in which the legacy of bigotry ad unequal treatment no longer infects our institutions or our hearts.”

-President Barack Obama

Mr. Trump held a news conference about China shortly after Mr. Biden delivered his remarks, but did not mention Mr. Floyd or take any questions. A few hours later, he addressed Mr. Floyd’s death at the start of a round table discussion with executives. “I understand the hurt. I understand the pain,” Mr. Trump said, while also criticizing “looters” in Minneapolis.


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