Nancy Pelosi With Bible in Hand Urges Trump to be a Healer-in-Chief

Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on Trump to tone down the rhetoric and be a healer-in-chief as she spoke at the Capitol with a bible in her hand.

As Trump on Monday used a bible as a photo-op after clearing peaceful protesters with force, Pelosi and Schumer immediately condemned the action as “cowardly, weak, and dangerous.”

On Tuesday Pelosi softened a bit, calling Trump’s orchestrated speech a “most unfortunate situation.”

“Peaceful demonstrators … in front of the White House were beaten — some people came out and beat them so they could clear the area so the president could come out and go forward. What is that?” she asked. “That has no place, and it’s time for us to do away with that, a time to heal.”

“It is incumbent upon all of us as Americans — regardless of race, religion region, faith — that we recognize that this is an American problem, and not just a black problem or a brown problem or a Native American problem,” Pelosi said. “This is an American problem.”

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