Free Chat Friday, Week 23

One more week; I swear and our lovely Rachel will return. But, you get stuck with me again. HI! Love y’all. Take a look. This is what happens when you elect a fascist motherfucker to office. How do you like him now, ‘strict constitutionalists?!?!’

And speaking of dictators. Don’t make me come in here and settle shit down and act as a dictator; I really don’t like doing that. I try to put up some variation of a free chat daily so you guys can chat, chit chat, talk amongst yourselves, etc… but PLEASE, keep the chit chat chatter on the free chats, not the serious articles. PLEASE STICK TO THE TOPIC on the serious stuff.

So, did COVID-19 go away and I missed the memo or are we all just caught up in the fact that some of us are under nightly curfews and our cities are gone? Yeah, that’s me. My city’s curfew goes through the weekend and we look like boarded up Youngstown, Ohio. It truly sucks and I’m over it. In all honesty, I’ve been home since last October….unable to drive for several months from hand surgery so this shit is on my last nerve.


Most of us knew Trump would wreck the place, our country, but really…this fucked up?

Send in the clowns!

Happy Friday, everyone. Enjoy the weekend.

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