Three alleged members of far-right movement (not Antifa) charged with attempting to incite violence at Las Vegas protests

Federal prosecutors in Las Vegas have charged three men alleged to be members of the far-right extremist “Boogaloo” movement with several state and federal violations of conspiracy to cause destruction during protests in Las Vegas, as well as possession of Molotov cocktails.

Stephen “Kiwi” Parshall, 35; Andrew Lynam, 23; and William L. Loomis, 40, all of Las Vegas, were arrested Saturday for allegedly conspiring to commit an act of terrorism and for multiple explosives violations. The three men are facing state charges as well.

The group originally planned to “firebomb” a power substation to distract law enforcement so they could incite a riot, but instead chose to take Molotov cocktails to a Black Lives Matter protest, according to NBC.

The Hill:

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