Biden Addresses George Floyd’s 6-year-old Daughter at Funeral

“Little Gianna, as I said to you when I saw you yesterday, you are so brave,” Biden said in the pre-recorded video, filmed at his home in Delaware. “Daddy is looking down at you, and he is so proud of you. I know you miss that bear hug that only he could give, the pure joy of riding on his shoulders so you could touch the sky.”

Joe Biden addressed the 6-year-old daughter of George Floyd and his family from a pre-recorded message filmed in Delaware. The Floyd family attorney said the former Vice President did not want to turn a funeral into a political spectacle.

Biden leaned into his personal grief and said that “for most people, the numbness you feel now, will slowly turn, day after day, season after season, into purpose through the memory of the one they lost.” 

“But for you, that day has come before you can fully grieve. And unlike most, you must grieve in public. And, it’s a burden. A burden that is now your purpose — to change the world for the better in the name of George Floyd,” Biden said. 

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