Florida sees record single-day increase in Coronavirus cases

San Antonio "entering Second Wave"

Novel coronavirus cases in Florida and Texas have seen significant spikes this week. Florida reported a record 1,698 new cases on Thursday, the Florida Department of Health confirmed. Parts of Texas, including San Antonio, are seeing “a very large increase” in cases and “we are entering a second wave,” a health official in Texas warned.

The latest daily case count in Florida is the highest it’s been since the outbreak began. It is nearly a 30 percent increase from Wednesday, which saw around 1,200 new infections. Thursday’s daily case count also marks a nearly 70 percent increase on the figure reported since the state reopened on May 5, when 542 new cases were recorded.

Florida’s daily case count has surpassed 1,000 six times in the past seven days, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.


Article submitted by, Adamas.