Fox News runs photoshopped images in coverage of Seattle’s protests, Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

This is a photoshopped image  photo of an armed man, who had been at the protest zone June 10, with an image from May 30 of smashed windows in downtown Seattle. 

Fox News reportedly spliced together a photo of an armed man with separate photos of broken shop windows and road barriers to create two misleading images for a report on Seattle’s police-free protest area, called the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. The Seattle Times reports Fox had no disclaimers indicating the pictures—taken more than a week apart—had been altered. The network removed them when questions were raised but reportedly replaced them with an image taken before the zone was established.

I believe this (above) is the original photo.

Another altered photo.

Fox also removed a photo of a burning city it had put above stories about Seattle; the picture actually showed an earlier protest in Minnesota. President Trump has been in a tizzy about the autonomous zone, claiming anarchists are now in control of the city, while Seattle officials note the zone has been mainly peaceful.

Daily Beast

Seattle Times

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