Excerpts from John Bolton’s book: ‘The Room Where It Happened’

Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton has made a series of explosive claims about the US president in his new book The Room Where It Happened, according to numerous news reports and an excerpt.

  • Trump asked China to use its economic power to help him win a second election.
  • Trump also seems to support Xi’s idea of eliminating presidential term limits
  • Trump tried to kill criminal investigations as favors to dictators.
  • Trump also showed approval when Xi defended China’s internment of Uighur Muslims in detention camps. 
  • Trump made headlines in November 2018 when he released a bizarre statement defending the Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman over the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. He did this purposely to deter attention away from Princess Ivanka using her personal email for government business.
  • Bolton claimed Mike Pompeo said, “He is so full of shit,” after Trump’s 2018 meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. Pompeo also claimed that Trump’s diplomatic efforts with North Korea had “zero probability of success”.
  • Bolton’s book also highlights just how ignorant Trump truly is. Trump actually thought Finland was part of Russia.
  • Trump also claimed invading Venezuela would be “cool”, and that the country was “really part of the United States”.

The Guardian:

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