30% of Americans missed their housing payments in June as eviction protections expire

Mortgage Meltdown 2.0


As the United States continues to face record unemployment due to the coronavirus pandemic, 30% of Americans missed their housing payments in June, according to a survey by Apartment List, an online rental platform.

That’s up from 24% who missed their payment just two months earlier in April and about on par with the 31% who missed payments in May.

At the same time that this “historically high” rate of Americans are missing their housing payments, eviction protections put in place at the beginning of Covid-19′s spread in the U.S. are beginning to expire. Additionally, the current 30 million unemployed Americans will lose the extra $600 per week in federal unemployment benefits at the end of July.

Taken together, experts warn of a coming housing “apocalypse” unless the government intervenes.

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