Father’s Day 2020: Yes Dad, I Got My Oil Changed….

Fathers Day 2020: Today is just a Regular day, but a Dad, good or bad, absent or present, biological or otherwise is.....complicated.

Since it’s Father’s Day, 2020, and since a breather from all things Trumpish, rally-ish, and otherwise crazy would be a nice break, I’ve my Dad and the role of Dad on my mind.

Not everyone’s a Dad but everyone has a Dad, whether absent or present, born to or chosen, a reason for or an “in spite of”, we see them in movies, books, music; we learn from them in real life or we learn about them from father figures.

Father’s Day, 2020, one of the more bizarre years on the planet, let’s talk about the subject of Fathers—


”My father’s no different than any other powerful man. . .”
Emperor Penguin (https://www.nathab.com/blog/the-9-best-dads-in-the-animal-kingdom/