Florida Man flings employees aside, fights to enter Walmart without mask!

A Florida man fought his way into a Walmart Saturday, the first day that face coverings became mandatory in Orange County.

In video captured by a bystander, the man blew past the guy monitoring the entrance and activated the sliding doors. The employee blocked the would-be customer as a voice from behind the camera said, “You’ve gotta wear a mask, bro.”

At one point the maskl-free man fell to the floor, got back up and continued fighting his way further into the store, an employee obstructing him the entire  way. 


The man then made it partway down an aisle, but the workers didn’t quit. By this time some of their own masks had slipped, between scuffling and trying to reason with the man.

In the end the employee prevailed, as he escorted the snarling Florida Man out of the store.


NY Daily

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