Trump’s Niece Who Wrote Book Signed “Very Powerful” Non-Disclosure Agreement

“Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” a tell all book by Trump’s niece Mary, is scheduled to be published on July 28, but Trump says she is not allowed to write a book after signing a “very powerful” non-disclosure agreement.

“You know, when we settled with her and her brother, who I do have a good relationship with — she’s got a brother, Fred, who I do have a good relationship with, but when we settled, she has a total … signed a nondisclosure.”

Trump says the non-disclosure is very powerful and covers everything, after litigation with the family over his father Fred’s estate.

“In the book, Mary Trump is not only expected to discuss difficult internal family dynamics and offer revelations about a younger Donald Trump; she is also expected to out herself as a primary source behind a Pulitzer-winning New York Times investigation into her uncle’s taxes,” per The Daily Beast.

Publisher Simon and Schuster posted the book on Amazon and it has risen up the charts with pre-sale orders.

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