Trump was not kidding: He will end federal support for Coronavirus testing sites

The original article appeared in the Houston Chronicle. But because of the paywall, News Views will use Politicususa as our source for this discussion.

Just days after Donald Trump admitted that he told his staff to slow down coronavirus testing to keep infection numbers down, the administration is planning to end federal support for local virus screening – even in places that need it most.

According to The Houston Chronicle, “The Trump administration is planning to end federal support for local coronavirus testing sites across the nation at the end of the month — including seven in Texas, where confirmed cases of COVID are spiking.”

Houston officials are urging the White House to rethink the move, warning of ‘catastrophic cascading consequences’ of pulling federal support for testing sites, four of which are in Houston and Harris County and administer thousands of tests per day. City officials consider two of those sites — the largest in the city, administering up to 500 tests each per day — the backbone of Houston’s testing efforts.

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