Off-Duty Officer Wearing Trump Hat Threatens Man After Injuring His Truck!

Removed From Official Duties

An off duty police officer in Missouri is on administrative duty after a viral video shows him threatening a man after he hit his truck in a vehicular accident.

Video shows the off-duty officer, Brandon Harrison, wearing a Trump hat and tank top, verbally berating the man, telling him to “sit the f___ down” and “I will f___ you up.”

A uniformed female officer at the scene tells the man to follow Harrison’s directions and sit down.

There were no injuries and the damage to the vehicle was minimal.

Area activists have been protesting at the St. Joseph Police Department, suggesting that the uniformed officer in the video should also be held accountable.

“What I found to be disgusting is the female officer sat there and did nothing. I think she is the example of how good cops don’t stop bad cops,” Eliot O’Callaghan said.

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