It’s 5:00 Somewhere

July is soon here, and it’s often during this hot month that we pack a cooler in the car and head “Up North” — a fuzzy, imaginary line that is somewhere 100 miles or so from wherever it is you reside in Michigan (or neighboring Chicago) — as long as the general direction is north.

Not every year, but many times a week’s vacation leads us to Mackinac Island (pronounced Mack-i-naw), a four square mile or so chunk of fudgy heaven in the middle of the Great Lakes, between the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan.

Ferry boats transport you to the island where cars are prohibited. You will need comfortable footwear for walking or biking, with singles or tandems for rent. While walking or biking, you will need to keep watch for road apples from the other main source of transportation, horses. You can rent and ride your own, or hire a horse-drawn carriage. Really, though, it’s impeccably clean with ever-present clean-up crews who rush with brooms and shovels to clear the way. Take a peek.

You may remember ole Q-Tip Pence and his SUV motorcade that disrespected peaceful, motor-free Mackinac Island on his bigly way to a Republican conference. It was the first time a motorcade had been allowed on the island. Even President Ford rode in a horse drawn carriage when he visited there.

The Pink Pony lounge is located a few feet from the ferry dock, and it’s always our first stop for a quick beer before exploring, relishing the sights and smells of the island. If you can imagine an aroma that combines lilacs, chocolate fudge, and horses, you’re along for the ride. Welcome to the Pink Pony, where it is currently 5:00!