It’s Wednesday: Get on over the hump!

Yeah, I forgot Talko Tuesday; my birthday happened the day before and I got busy. Not really…I didn’t do much on my b-day except go out for lunch with my oldest son and then ordered in because I had NO plans to cook. Tuesday, I went to my other son’s house for pizza and wine.

So, what is going on in your world? Any plans for the Fourth of July? What is up in the News Views World?

In the old days when we would have BBQs in our backyard. I remember a lot of Bob Marley playing while I grilled the meat I didn’t eat. I always had some shellfish or salmon, even halibut if I found a deal on it grilling so I could have something other than ‘sides’ to eat. I don’t eat meat for those that don’t know.

I’ll get over the hump by getting my hippie on. In all honesty, I would love to sit on the beach right now. I love the ocean…water sign…Happy Birthday to all the Cancers (PMS, PragDem, Rico and others) out there. Love crab. (Dungeness…such a NoCal girl).

Van never gets. old. Hey, I could blast Prince so—Just be happy it’s someone else.

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