Free Chat Friday, Week 27

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Happy Friday, News Viewers, week 9,000 of the virus. . . . Oh, not Coronavirus, rather the Trump Plague, which seems to infect certain people who who believe the earth flat, 11% unemployment is bragworthy, real men don’t wear masks, US troops are sniper practice and that Freedom means “Me, mine, I want, gimme gimme snd mommy, they’re MEAN to me!’

The Trump Plague seems to deteriorate the brain tissue of those who catch it, and if there’s vaccine, it’s taking its sweet time to become available; alas, if only there were an end in sight, but this Trump plague may be fatal to all near it—Especially if Trump decides to stay in the Petri Dish, aka White House, even if he loses the election.

Prognosis: Continued deterioration of brain tissue; Societal Effect: widespread chaos, breakdown of institutions; crashed economy; Intervention: VOTE and Percentage of Population Fatalities: To Be Announced. . . .

So it’s a great time to talk about it—what’s on your mind? It’s Free Chat Friday, the time we talk about anything and have opinions on everything. Tell us what’s going on in your neck of the woods, what you’re seeing, hearing, thinking and feeling. . . . . And oh yeah, guess what? It’s Independence Day weekend— Happy soon to be 4th…