Trump’s advisers conceal how badly he is performing in swing states to keep him happy

Trump campaign officials are misleading the president with that he is doing better in his bid for reelection than he really is, a Republican official in frequent contact with the campaign told the New York Times.

The Republican, who spoke to the Times on condition of anonymity, said some aides “willfully distort the electoral landscape to mollify Mr. Trump.”

The official recalled a conversation where aides assured Trump he was performing well in Maine, a swing state where in fact he currently trails Democrat Joe Biden by double digits, according to recent polls.

CNN this week reported that intelligence officials were wary of providing briefings on Russian hostility towards the US because the president had no interest in hearing it, and would react angrily to bad news.

On one hand if the orange menace thinks he is doing well, he will probably not campaign so hard in the swing states.

On the other hand, HOLY CRAP, the POTUS has to be protected from any kind of bad news or he soils his diapers and throws a fit.

Source: MSN

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