Charlie Daniels Has Died

Charlie Daniels — a singer, songwriter, bandleader and player of many instruments — died Monday in Nashville. His death was confirmed by his publicist, Don Murry Grubbs, who said that he died of a hemorrhagic stroke. He was 83 years old.

In 1979, Daniels won his only Grammy for his biggest mainstream hit: “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” which featured his blistering violin and growled vocals in a retread of classic stories linking Satan to music — and even to the fiddle in particular.

I didn’t always agree with his politics, but his music will be missed. RIP, Charlie.

Full story at NPR.

Added after publishing: Sorry all, I don’t think I can change the post title and I wouldn’t have intentionally made this a footnote, but Ennio Morricone has also died. Another hugely significant loss to music.

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