Trump rage tweets about Supreme Court rulings

Earlier Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled the president is not above the law. As expected, the Crook in Chief is bigly upset, especially since his handpicked justices ruled with the majority. Of course, Alito and Thomas dissented.

Also as expected, Trump took to Twitter and had a meltdown. He “complained that he was being treated unfairly and subject to ‘political prosecution.'”

In a series of tweets, Trump also repeated his long-held grievances regarding special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into his campaign’s contacts with Russia, which dogged the first two years of his presidency and ensnared six of his associates. He lambasted the investigation as a “witch hunt” and accused the previous administration of “spying” on his campaign.

And to top off Trump’s shitty day, NYC municipal workers painted a huge ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ mural outside Trump Tower this morning.

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