Trump touts how great he is on Hannity’s ‘news’ show

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Trump took to one of his safe spaces and held an interview with Fox’s bigly ‘news’ host, Sean Hannity. As expected, Trump touted how great he is, how awful Joe Biden is, and just how ungrateful Bill Blasio, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and NYC is because they painted Black Lives Matter in front of his bug bed infested, shithole also. known as…Trump Tower.

Hannity’s rage, fear mongering, and bullshit continues until approximately the 21:00 mark and then The Orange Ass appears.

***Trump took a cognitive test at Walter Reed Medical Center and aced it. And, I’m an opera singer, walked on the moon, and discovered a cure for cancer AND the Coronavirus! I’m badass just like Trump.

Ms. G

Welcome back, America!