Talko Tuesday: 7-14-2020

As of yesterday, 30 counties, or more appropriately, 85 percent of the population of CA, shuttered…again. So, I’m stuck at home, once again, but pretty much have been since November of last year.

Besides hanging out with you guys, I do work part-time from home. I also keep myself busy cooking—just had one of my sons cutting fresh pasta with a bicicleta and he did a good job. Fresh pasta materializes rather quickly when two people drive the bus.

I also do a lot of gardening. Freaking Blue Jays attacked my Asian pear tree, strawberries, and cherry tomatoes. They literally LOOTED them, bastards! I thought I finally made peace with the birds and they pull this shit. Athena/ The Striped Shithead/Baby Babies/Beadies (my cat) may be allowed outdoors afterall…nah. She answers to Baby, Beadies, or Shithead, not Athena.

I also have a bumper crop of tomatoes this year BUT……because one of the plants is so loaded, it started tilting and dumbass me had to get involved. I tried to prop it up but snapped a branch. I now have 4 green tomatoes sitting on a window ledge in hopes they will turn red.

Mr. G was pissed off. Seriously? He doesn’t even like tomatoes that much and when I reminded him of this factoid, he replied that he likes watching them ripen ON THE VINE. That’s how bored we’ve become…We watch our tomatoes go from green, to a lighter shade of green, then to a slight pink color mixed with green, then red. Don’t get me started on how gold tomatoes turn gold. Yep, I’ve lost it!

I’ve also gotten back into genealogy. Years ago, my father and I traced my Italian side of the tree back to the late 1600s/early 1700s. BUT, I never could do my Greek side because so many records were lost, destroyed, or changed/altered. That’s changed—I’m actually making a dent, a big dent.

My mother gave me three locations in Greece that she thought her dad immigrated from and I hit the jackpot with one of them. I also found out that her last name was definitely changed and that she has ties to a Greek olive oil company in Greece. It’s pretty fascinating but it’s only a dent…going back to only the late 1800s, thus far. I also tried to buy some of this olive oil on line but it’s not available. I think some Greek importer from South San Francisco can get it…maybe. I need to call them.

OH!!!!! And the most awesome thing so far: One of my mother’s best friends since they were toddlers is a relative of ours. I just found that out the other night and texted my mom to tell her. This woman is awesome (except, she’s a Trump fan….UGH!!!…Neither she and my mom nor I talk politics with her because that is her only flaw).

The next day, my mom’s friend and I were on the phone comparing notes. Their families are from the same town and yes, we’re related. We think it’s on her mother’s side—Damn, she gave me her mother’s maiden name, which is hella long with a zillion syllables. I knew her mother’s ‘Americanized’ name but not her real name–damn.

So, what’s going on in your world? I’m just happy that I have my family; we do stuff together when we can and we make the best of it.

Lessons learned: We can get through this. We know what to do and hopefully, it will work. Put forth your best effort and be a good steward in this fight. Don’t listen to Trump; listen to the scientists. Whatever Trump says, do the opposite. This is the man who will put our kids at risk, get us a killed, and who even suggested we drink bleach and shove a lightning rod up our Yeah, DISMISSED!

Happy Tuesday–at least it isn’t Monday! Enjoy.

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