Chris Cuomo goes off on Trump’s Goya nonsense while Coronavirus cases spike: ‘How Does He Have Time for This Bullshit’?!

CNN’s Chris Cuomo erupted at President Donald Trump for turning the Oval Office into a scene of culture war product placement, all while the number of coronavirus cases in the country surpassed 70,000 on Wednesday and daily deaths are nearing 1,000 once again.

As part of a backlash to the #BoycottGoya backlash that ignited after that company’s CEO lavishly praised Trump last week, conservatives have been publicly championing the company, including one Sinclair journalist who raised more than $150,000 to buy the brand’s food and donate it to food banks.

The president joined in on the counterculture signaling on Wednesday, when he laid out several of Goya’s products on his desk in the White House so the press could document his personal support. Cuomo took umbrage at the president’s misplaced priorities, holding little back as he listed all the unfulfilled promises made the White House about its Covid-19 response  before showing the photo of Trump’s Price is Right moment.


And then there’s daughter-wife:

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