Trump administration guts bedrock conservation rules

Trump Administration Guts Environmental Law that Protects Public Health, Environment and National Parks


Feds gut cornerstone environmental protection

Move curtails voices from communities affected by polluting projects

Houston Chronicle Pressreader:

Southern Environment:

ATLANTA, GA — The Trump administration in an announcement today hobbled the nation’s bedrock environmental protection, the National Environmental Policy Act, a law that has given marginalized communities a say in what happens to them when governments propose life-altering projects like highways and pipelines.

In doing so, the administration illegally cut corners in a way that the courts have rejected time and time again.

“This is a blatant and transparent effort from the Trump administration to further silence communities that are not as well connected, not as wealthy, not as valuable to the White House as others,” said Kym Hunter, a Southern Environmental Law Center senior attorney who is heading the organization’s defense of NEPA. SELC is representing 16 conservation organizations.

“And the fact that it is happening now, when so many in our communities are crying out for equity and fairness, is particularly appalling,” Hunter said.

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