Free Chat Friday, Week 29

“You Talking to me?” Travis Bickle, Taxi Driver

Happy Friday, News Viewers…..This is the week that a mask mandate was put in place here in the holler—-What better way to get us NOT to wear masks than to say “Wear a mask?” Yes, we are learning every day of the Trump Sad-ministration about the American persona — and we don’t wanna do what we don’t wanna do. Because freedom, yeah.

Of course, that’s not all of us. Here on NV we get to see our grown-up selves, and that’s why freely chatting and chatting freely is so great. After a Trumpian week of watching our country devolve into a kind of idiocracy, it’s uplifting to go a different direction and talk honestly, creatively, humorously, maturely about what’s happening in our world and what we think about, plan for and remember so we can navigate the days to come.

So let’s talk, what’s happening with you? I, for one, am remembering the paraphrase of Wendell Berry who said being sane in a mad and crazy world is tough going for both the head and heart—and don’t we know it…….. Still, in this insane time, it’s better than the alternative, and thank the universe we can talk about it.

Why SO introspective this a.m. you may ask? Yesterday’s 75th anniversary of the test of the A bomb, coinciding with my brother’s test for COVID, coinciding with Trump’s loyalty test for government employees all point in worrisome directions. So lots to say and anything goes, within reason and we’re nothing if not reasonable around here…….what’s on your mind this a.m.?