Last Call: 7-18-2020

First off, let’s all wish our real, Bigly *Jernalist, * PMSwithESP a Happy, Happy Birthday! Thanks for all you do, PMS!

And—we’re getting closer to hopefully will be the end of this horrible nightmare. Only 107 days left until the general election; VOTE!

Speaking of bigly *jernalists,* I understand the tagging from shitholes to come post comments there has ramped up and become even more annoying. Ignore the idiots and/or report them for harassment and/or SPAM. I had some troll/sock tag me to an article on an actual, news website just to call me an ethnic slur then go off on some racist rant against young black teens. Thanks, Trump for emboldening Fake News, bigots, racist, and spammers.

Anyhoooooo–enjoy the rest of the weekend; they go by too quickly but, it’s not many of us have anything else better to do.

Ms. G
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