Louisiana (D) Governor Begins Three Days of Fasting and Prayer for State During Coronavirus Spike


Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards will begin three days of lunch-hour fasts and prayers on Monday in response to the state’s spike in coronavirus cases. Acting on requests from Louisiana’s faith leaders, Edwards announced the initiative during a press conference last week and encouraged all residents to participate.

“Starting today, I am beginning three days of fasting and prayer for our state through July 22. The people of Louisiana need our prayers right now,” Edwards tweeted. “If you are inclined, please join me, @FirstLadyofLA and faith leaders from across Louisiana in prayerful reflection and fasting on these three days. I encourage and welcome people of all faiths and denominations to participate.”


“I know it’s a little bit unusual,” Edwards said during a press conference held on Thursday, July 16. “This will be a spiritual diet and exercise that I, as a Catholic Christian, believe is very important anyway.”

The three-day period will begin on Monday, July 20.

“We’ll be doing lunch fasting for those three days, and certainly praying as well. Praying for the people of Louisiana. Praying for those who are sick. Praying for those who care for those who are sick. And certainly for the families of those who have passed on.”


According to Worldometers, Louisianna has had 91,706 reported cases of coronavirus. Yesterday it had 3,116 new cases, behind only Florida, California, Texas, and Georgia.

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