Meet the Dorr Brothers: Hate Mobilizing Grifters

For right-wing fringe activist Ben Dorr…outraged about Black Lives Matter was an easy pivot from another cause he’d been promoting. With his brothers Aaron, Chris, and Matthew, Ben Dorr helped launch protests to reopen states across the country shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic this spring…

The Dorr brothers…have been dismissed by people on both the right and the left as astroturfing hucksters who are more interested in profit than policy. Even the National Rifle Association has denounced them as scammers. Before they began railing against public health measures, the brothers started gun rights and anti-abortion groups in multiple states…

[T]hey are adept at inciting rage and collecting donations with petty insults, racist dog-whistling, and silly stunts….They are, in short, the perfect people to stoke hate in a Trump presidency during a global pandemic. And in true Trumpian fashion, by paying themselves and promoting hate they may end up spawning a movement.

The Intercept

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